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New Molecule Polarity Sim

Molecule Polarity

Try our new Molecule Polarity sim. When is a molecule polar? Change the electronegativity of atoms in a molecule to see how it affects polarity. See how the molecule behaves in an electric field. Change the bond angle to see how shape affects polarity. See how it works for real molecules in 3D.


Sep 30


Welcome New Team Members to PhET!

PhET Team

We’re excited to welcome Ariel Paul, Emily Moore, Julia Chamberlain and Oliver Nix to Team PhET. Research Associate Ariel’s expertise is in physics while Emily and Julia add chemistry expertise. Oliver Nix is our Project Coordinator and the person behind


Sep 26


Reaction and Rates Guide with Four Lessons

Reaction and Rates

From Trish Loeblein, PhET K-12 Specialist and Evergreen High School physics & chemistry teacher, this Reaction and Rates Guide include a variety of tools, including teacher tips, insights into student use and thinking, learning goals, lesson plans, demo slides, student activities, and clicker questions. Applicable to a wide range of levels, you can pick and choose the activities that are appropriate for your class.


Sep 21


PhET is Honored with The Tech Award for Education

The Tech Award

We’re excited to announce that PhET was named as a laureate of The Tech Awards 2011. The Tech Awards recognizes 15 global innovators each year for applying technology to benefit humanity and spark global change. The Tech Awards, a signature program of The Tech Museum, and presented by Applied Materials, Inc., selected the PhET project from among hundreds of nominations representing 54 countries.

Established in 2000, The Tech Awards: Technology Benefiting Humanity is one of the premier annual humanitarian awards programs in the world, recognizing technical solutions that benefit humanity and address the most critical issues facing our planet and its people.

For more info, see: The Tech Awards 2011


Sep 15


Webinar Cancelled

Due to lack of pre-registered attendees, we’re sorry to have to cancel the iNACOL Webinar.


Sep 13


Register for iNACOL Webinar with PhET Director, Kathy Perkins, and K12 Specialist, Trish Loeblein

Register now for a an iNACOL Teacher Talk webinar on September 15 at 6 PM ET. Here’s some information on what we’re going to cover:

Using PhET Simulations for Science Inquiry: Free, researched, web-based resources
Trish Loeblein, PhET K12 Specialist and Evergreen HS Teacher
Kathy Perkins, Director, PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado

Engage your students in STEM learning with free simulations. The 102 sims are animated, interactive, game-like environments which engage students in active thinking, encourage experimentation, and help develop visual and conceptual models of physical phenomena. This session will introduce the sims and the research that informs their design and use. Session participants will exchange ideas for using PhET sims with their online learning environment.


Sep 12


Thank You Wireless Generation!

Wireless Generation logo

Thanks Wireless Generation for supporting PhET through a generous donation. If you want to become a sponsor, go to CU Foundation PhET Project Fund. Or, e-mail Depending upon the level of sponsorship, your logo can appear on our website which has had over 15 million sims downloaded just last year and a total of over 50 million sims served!


Sep 7


Moving Man for Algebra-Based Physics

Moving Man

Wendy Adams, a professor at UNC, recently used the Moving Man Lab in her algebra-based physics course alongside a physical lab with motion detectors. Here’s what she said:

“It was amazing to see the difference. When they used Moving Man there was a lot of very productive physics talk. When using the motion detectors, there was some good talk but it came with long breaks of trying to make sure they accomplished the given movement, printed and labeled their graphs, etc… I was amazed at how effective and efficiently the activity worked with Moving Man. So were the other faculty.”

Do you have a good story? If so, e-mail us at


Sep 1