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Archive for September, 2013

Carl Wieman Returns to CU as PhET Senior Advisor

Carl Wieman

We are delighted to announce that PhET Founder and Nobel Laureate, Carl Wieman, is returning to the University of Colorado Boulder this fall to serve part-time as PhET’s Senior Advisor. Carl will also join the faculty at Stanford University, in a split appointment between their Department of Physics and School of Education.

Says PhET Director, Kathy Perkins, “Carl is great to work with, and I’m very excited to be able to partner with him once again to advance PhET’s impact on STEM education over the next 10 years. The expertise in science education and education research that he brings to the project are absolutely invaluable.”

For more information, see


Sep 28


HTML5 Balloons and Static Electricity

Balloons and Static Electricity

Have you tried our new HTML5 version of Balloons and Static Electricity?

Why does a balloon stick to your sweater? Rub a balloon on a sweater, then let go of the balloon and it flies over and sticks to the sweater. View the charges in the sweater, balloons, and the wall.


Sep 19


PhET Still Available But…

Please be patient with any issues or questions regarding PhET simulations. Boulder, including the University of Colorado, has been experiencing devastating flooding and the University is officially closed. If you have any issues, please continue to send e-mails to But please be patient, we will get back to you.


Sep 13


Learn about the Future of PhET


Don’t forget to see our video on the Future of PhET to learn about what’s in store for our next-gen simulations. In addition, you can read about it here.


Sep 6